Land Sec Clearance

It started out like any other day when (TRACOuk) received a call from Jan Portch, Senior FM of Land Sec to enquire whether we could re-use redundant furniture from the former offices at 5 the Strand? 2 weeks and 10 tones later we’ll cover the story of what was removed, who benefited from the clearance and we’ll also highlight best practice in sustainable re-use supported with actual recycling and re-use rates.

Who are TRACOuk?

First let’s look at TRACOuk, who are they and why did Jan call them? TRACOuk is an abbreviation of ‘The Recycled Assets Company’

, a growing social enterprise with an impressive list of clients, some of which can be found in the Ftse 100. Known for their business relocation, furniture clearance, Storage and WEEE recycling they offer a triple bottom line approach to reuse which ensures people, planet and profit are combined to support business of all sizes be more environmentally focused while improving social mobility.


The Challenge:

Land Sec were in the process of moving from 5 The Strand to 100 Victoria Street London and they had excess furniture and fittings including over 100 mature office plants. Land Sec knew some of the assets were in great condition and were too good to be scrapped or thrown away and Jan wanted an ethical solution which had a greater social impact than conventional methods of disposal. But timing was important, and we had a tight window to clear the building so we got straight to work and started removing the assets from all 5 floors of the building, starting at the top.  Parking was tight for our larger vehicles especially when loading on a gradient, but our expert team of removers did a great job. Dollies, cages, tubs, table loaders, we used them all to extract the furniture and kitchen equipment with relative ease.

The Solution:

Minimal waste was a key criterion set by Land Sec so we had to work hard to grade and catalogue the assets. Using our extensive network of SME’s and charities we were able to match those assets to those that need them. Extending product life cycles is just the work we like doing!

Matt at URC Buckland

The Outcome:

The results of the Land Sec Clearance & Donations and impact are clear to see, to be able to match unwanted assets with people and orgs that need them is a humbling experience. Made possible by the foresight and generosity of a Land Sec team focused on helping others while adopting responsible procurement and sustainable re-use strategies.

Darren Carter from homeless charity Society of St James told me “these plants will make such a positive change, we’re super excited, thank you”.

Sarah from Pompey in the Community commented; “you guys are great, team will be chuffed to bits”. Of course, it’s not just us, without considerate and environment friendly companies like Land Sec, we wouldn’t get the praise.

The real winner from this exercise of course is mother earth. By reusing materials already processed, by increasing the lifespan of goods, by reducing precious water used in the making of these goods, necessitates need to mine and harvest raw materials. This is circularity in motion, a practical circular economy solution in conjunction with Land Sec & TRACOuk.

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