Social Enterprise


...For A Sustainable Future

“The Recycled Assets Company is your one stop green logistics partner providing you with trusted relocation, reuse and recycling services, regardless of your organisations shape or size. We do this whilst providing meaningful work experience and employment opportunities to disadvantaged people”.

Social & Environmental Impact

As a business we move and reuse things that our customers want clearing in exchange for reward. The reward enables us to build a self-sustaining business which customers and staff can depend upon. This business model allows us to move people from being unemployable to employable…all through our ability to move and reuse things. The impact we make is to people and planet and this is explained here;

  • Social (people): we offer work experience and paid work opportunities to people who are disabled or disadvantaged, such as long term unemployed or not in employment, education or training. This group in society struggle to prove their economic feasibility with mainstream employment. We take time to find their own unique skill set and help them develop so they become employable. The impact we have is both profound and simple. We demonstrate that everyone can and deserves to preserve their dignity through work.

  • Environmental (planet): We reuse, recycle and get creative with resource to minimise waste and maximise innovation. For example, we created planters from waste wood and old PVC banners alongside creating wooden chairs and signage from old boat molds. It’s this type of innovation with wasted resource that sets us apart from your average recycling company.

A New Model

Assets Company measures itself against a triple bottom line ethos which means we hold ourselves The Recycled accountable to 3 main principles;

  • We take care of our PEOPLE by investing in their training, education and personal development.

  • We look after the PLANET by ultimately reducing demand on sourcing new material.

  • We aim to generate PROFIT so that we’re sustainable and self-sufficient.

These 3 principles are the reason we’re in business. Our social enterprise wouldn’t operate without any one of them so we ensure we lead by example and excel in each area.

What Do Our Partners Gain From Working With Us?

Hassle free competent office move and clearance services that make a difference to people through the jobs we create.

  • Satisfaction that money spent is used positively to advance people and protect planet.

  • Lower recycling costs through our ‘profit share’ initiative.

  • Reduce their own impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint

  • They gain a partner in TRACOuk who is passionate about what they do which ultimately adds value to our partners own business.

  • Alignment to a company that believes in developing people to work at their best in a way which doesn’t harm the environment or communities that we work in.

  • Knowledge that all profits are re-invested to generate better value for our partners.

For further information please contact the TRACO team on 023 92 960 640 or email