The Client:

St Wilfreds Hospice – St Wilfrid’s Hospice is an independent local charity and, for over 30 years, has been caring for and supporting those in our community who are in the last phase of their lives.


The Challenge:

Alison & Lucy approached us in Jan 2019 requesting a quote to relocate their Hospice from Chichester to Bosham located in Hampshire. Because of the nature of the palliative care Hospice, it was sensitive and timings had to planned in advance. Made more complicated by the fact, the new Hospice was still under construction!

The scale of the job was to relocate all staff, furniture, beds, IT  and their extensive garden collection of ornaments, benches, seating and large granite rocks to their new premises, while ensuring care could still be provided throughout. The old building was sold to developers so would also need a full clearance once the relocation was complete. Once we met with Alison & Lucy, it also transpired that we could help them fit our their accommodation with office furniture to keep their expenditure under control. In addition, the sales team took their floor plans and planned the right size desks and cabinets required to maximise their space and storage needs.


The Solution:

The relocation element comprised a full service of over 400 crates, bubble wrap, labels and tape. A crew of 6 over 3 days using a range of vehicles from 12t trucks to smaller crew vans to move the vast hoard of 25years of stuff! Each building was 2 storeys with the new building housing a 30m squared loft, where most of the assets were destined to go. No lift and with 3 flights of stairs, each load had to safely planned.


The new building greeted us with shiny marble floors, which means we went about protecting them from any grit that can sometimes lodge in wheels from the outside terrain. Asset protection, is a huge consideration on any job and this was no different.


Moving their small but very heavy Safe was a key challenge that we had to plan to ensure the floor could take the weight. Weighing in at almost half a tonne, handled badly and this could cause serious damage. Once unbolted from its current location and we removed the cabinets that were built around it, we then manoeuvred it onto our special heavy duty wheeled dollies loaded onto 7.5t Daf.


The Outcome:

A successful relocation, conducted ontime, on budget and with high customer satisfaction, Andrew Jamieson, Ops Manager commented “Yes, a tricky one for sure, testing our core strengths as a removal company but the team worked well together and I’m pleased with the result”


The client are busy supporting their patients in their home, the former building has been completely cleared and all 400 crates accounted for and collected. Moves like this are a pleasure to work on the whole team enjoyed working with a special team at St Wilfreds Hospice.


Customer Feedback:

“Thanks Jason.  You were really good to work with too and I am especially grateful for your help on the day of the Portsdown delivery – I didn’t realise I was going to be on my own for that and you were so helpful.  Your team worked really hard for us and were always respectful, polite and tried their best for us.  I would definitely recommend TRACO.”

Our Team

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